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After the preconstruction phase is complete, we move into the fun part of the project: Construction.

Field and labor supervision - Our experienced project manager and superintendent are involved and highly qualified in all aspects of the daily operations and will be in constant communication with you, the owner.

Subcontractor Partners - We’ve done our homework, vetted and worked with some of the finest subcontractors available to assure that you get exceptional results on your home.

Quality Control – The plans and specifications that you approve are the guidelines we use to ensure the quality of each project. Our “Total Quality” process assures all communication within the organization and with all subcontractors:  always planning, executing, and checking all details.

Inspection - We constantly evaluate the work and make sure that plans and specifications are correct. Any problems are investigated and adjustments are made if necessary on the materials or methods to prevent any reoccurrences.

Risk management - If any change or cost issues occur, we find them early. A risk evaluation is made to see what the issue may cause. Then we monitor and adjust until it is resolved.

Site Planning - With our 12-point post-construction process we address insurance, warranties, costs, etc. so that we don’t run into any delays.

Project close-out - A punch list of changes is given to you to fill out and work is completed as quickly as possible when you return it to us. You’ll also receive all manuals and warranty literature - including Landmark Traditions warranty for your home project that certifies completion.