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“On time and on budget” is a phrase well known in this construction industry. But are we as a home construction company really able to stay on time and on budget?  It’s all about the “foundation” we create with our clients even before we start with your project.  This includes going over all the different options and making decisions well before we ever start your new home or remodeling project.  We will organize and map the processes for the construction project. This initial planning stage is a vital part of the project as a whole to ensure everything goes smoothly for the actual construction.

Landmark Traditions approaches the preconstruction phase to make sure that our clients receive the best level of value, quality and customer satisfaction.  We are not just saying this - you can ask our customers. Projects are open-book and integrate the perspectives of each client, our architects, engineers and all contractors.  Plus it’s dynamic, after all, the more you know, the faster you can answer any questions or address variables that come up.

This is where technology matters. Our pre-construction team has the latest and greatest construction software for estimating, scheduling, project management and accounting. When you are ready to make any decisions, all the documentation is available to support any of your decisions throughout the eight phases of preconstruction planning.

Project Scope - Creating an accurate and detailed concept is very important. To help us understand your vision, you will meet with each member of our Production Team.

Meetings- It’s important that you, our customer, the architect and us, as the general contractor, meet jointly during the initial design phase of your project. We’ll be to able to look at design concepts, schedules, the contract and budgets.

Site Planning - Though our site planning, the logistics regarding equipment, regulatory, utility and neighborhood planning are detailed.

Cost Estimates – We will detail a preliminary estimate for your project as we gather information from our suppliers, subcontractors, and own data bases. As needed, we will refine the scope and specifications of the project until everyone is comfortable with the construction estimates and budgets.

Construction Optimization - This is where we bring in the value added features to our customers by providing our experience to ensure every item of the project meets code, city, county and utility requirements, design criteria, schedule, and any safety and security costs.

Constructability or Buildability – We will review the construction plans and specifications to assure that the plans and drawings do not present any unforeseen problems in the field.

Project Management Schedule - Before any construction starts on your home, we will create a master construction project schedule.